Entrepreneur Case Study How To Leverage Relationships In Business

How important are building and leveraging relationships in business? According to StreetSmart Business Development, “Opportunities to create enduring client relationships present themselves on a daily basis in the form of “basic” communications. Things like emails, meetings, presentations, proposals and follow up. These basic initiatives can build credibility, trust, referrals, and revenue. It’s true whether your contacts are prospects or clients.  Whether your company is a start-up or well established.”

Our guest on the May 2016 broadcast TMOT, Michael Brown, CEO at Environmental Construction Services, Inc., shared his practical & real-world knowledge of the power of leveraging business relationships. 

Michael Brown, CEO at Environmental Construction Services, Inc.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown’s company, Environmental Construction Services, Inc. is one of the fastest growing HVAC companies based in Philadelphia. As CEO, he has been busy making sure it stays that way by providing superior solutions for clients, educating himself on new business practices, researching the best financing options for growth and much more.

Listen to the Michael Brown Podcast:

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