WPFSI’s Technical Assistance Expertise

WPFSI provides clients with Technical Assistance based on Four Pillars that are tied to a business’s capacity to obtain and strategically use finances to start or expand a business.

All clients receive a free 1.5 hours of technical assistance including a general business assessment and review.  WPFSI also differs from other lenders by providing post-financing technical assistance for our clients via quarterly and sometimes monthly check-ins and strategy sessions.


Business Financials are an indicator of the financial health of a business, including its accounting practices, cash-flow management and compliance with federal tax policy.

Business Financials

These activities strengthen a client’s tax returns, balance sheets.


The personal credit of the business owner and the credit of the business including debt-management and restructuring, credit counseling, and credit best practices.

Maintenance & Use of Credit

These activities strengthen credit reports.


Activities designed to increase the profitability of a business, aspects of business planning, introductions to build sales, streamline processes and reduce costs of goods sold.

Growing Your Business

These activities strengthen proformas, cash flow projections and financial statements.


Personal development and education for the business owner themselves around business training, educational business programming and seminars.

Professional Business Development

These activities strengthen a client’s ability to run their business efficiently.

Benefits of Technical Assistance

Small business technical assistance and financial services are linked.

For example, 40% of small businesses do not want or need financing and that the most commonly cited problems are “poor sales, taxes, government regulation, competition from larger businesses and the cost of insurance.” While technical assistance could advise away the rising cost of business insurance, TA intervention around other issues can be invaluable. A business that is not clearing sufficient sales might have a marketing issue that could be resolved by mapping out a marketing plan or creating a stronger web presence that will get the right customers through their door. As a business TA provider we spend time navigating and walking clients through financial, regulatory processes, and requirements to ensure they are compliant. If for example a larger business is providing a product or service at a cheaper rate than a smaller business client, our TA services can help the smaller operation shift their focus to either highlighting their product’s unique value proposition or offering new/additional products or services.

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