West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution (WPFSI), a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, was founded to provide economic development leadership and resources to the West Philadelphia Empowerment Zone (EZ). Often referred to as the “Economic Engine” for the community, WPFSI has had a significant impact on the development of the neighborhoods comprising the EZ.

WPFSI’s financial services (business loan program, loan brokering, home improvement loans) provide capital to the business community to enhance business attraction, retention, and expansion while facilitating resident’s ability to maintain their properties.

In addition, the organization provides community services (i.e. financial literacy, youth development, support to community-based organizations, etc.) that have enriches the lives of adults, children, and families.

WPFSI is committed to producing tangible results for the residents and businesses in its market area and has fulfilled this commitment through a variety of initiatives.

Its signature project, Parkwest Town Center, a 341,000 square foot shopping center, anchored by Lowe’s Home Improvement and Shop Rite Supermarket is an example of this commitment. Co-developed and co-owned by WPFSI, the Center created over 650 jobs, provided construction contracts for local businesses, totally redefined the physical appearance of the neighborhood and allows residents to shop for goods and services in their own community. 


Our mission at West Philadelphia Financial Services (WPFSI) is to serve as an economic engine that facilitates empowerment and wealth building through investment in communities.
Our vision is to create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.
These are our values: Ideas, Inclusion, Fairness, Transparency, Independent, Perseverance, and Opportunity.
WesGold Fellows is a vigorous paid internship program. Over the course of eight weeks each summer, 15 high school students are guided through curriculum-based instruction, experiential learning opportunities, uniquely engaging field trips, and professional development training.

WPFSI Impact

Direct Financing

More Than Just A Lender

Direct Financing

WPFSI has provided more than 5.5 million dollars in direct financing since its inception.

$90 Million in Leverage Capital

SBA MicroLender since 2017

Over $250,000 in salaries over 11 years

More than 300 jobs created by small business loans

Managed $55 Million Project

Parkwest Town Center


Created over 700 jobs in the community.
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