3006, 2020

4 Best Credit Card Readers 2020

Credit card readers are devices that accept and process payments through a smartphone or tablet, along with point-of-sale (POS) software. Many processors offer free or low-cost readers and charge a monthly fee and transaction fees. The best solutions have low processing fees and come with POS apps to process sales and view reports. The best...

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3006, 2020

Business Know-How on AOL, MSN & the Web: Part Two – Anniversary

How do you grow an online business? Look for opportunities and go after them. That's how Janet Attard and Business Know-How® became a content provider to America Online and to the early MSN, and got started on the Web. Read about it in this 2nd part of the 30th online anniversary story.

3006, 2020

What’s the best business to get into in a COVID-19/post pandemic world?

I’m interested in starting a business, whether it’s a delivery business or something related to Asian cuisine. Just for some perspective, I’m currently a post secondary student, and have some savings saved up. This is in Ontario, are there any licenses I should take into account? (I do have the food safety/alcohol licenses). I just want the business to be different from what is out there. Please let me know, thanks!

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