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WPFSI Vision

Our vision is to create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.

Need Funding for Your Salon?

WPFSI as an SBA/CDFI lender supports women who need small loans for small businesses.

Why Banks Don’t Lend To Small Businesses

Strange right, especially since small businesses are the engines that are responsible for economic growth?

Finding Your Competitive Advantage

Definition: Sustainable Competitive Advantage Sustainable competitive advantage is a lasting ability to outperform all competition in a particular area or industry. How are you different from your competition, why should people buy from you? You should be asking yourselves these questions daily. The answers to these questions can include the following: quality, [...]

How Should Small Businesses Respond to a Trump Presidency?

Small Businesses Should Expect Policy Changes Under Trump The presidential election results have shocked many including small business owners! Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has made it vividly clear that it won’t be business as usual with him in the Oval Office. Many are unsure how a Trump administration will affect small businesses. His policy [...]

New Business Risks: 5 risks to consider when launching a business

Recently while working on a loan request for submission to our Loan Committee, I thought about the inherent risks involved in staring and growing a business. “There is an old saying that good lawyers run away from risk, while good businessmen run towards risk”. Risks, in and of itself, can be a good thing if [...]

Dre's Water Ice & Ice Cream now in Shoprite

Dre’s Water Ice & Ice Cream has been in business since March 2013, starting with just a push cart and a dream.  Now as of March 2015, his water ice is being sold in two Brown’s Family Shoprite locations, 52nd & Jefferson and Fox Street and his ice cream is in the freezer at all [...]


Change is coming for small businesses along the Lancaster Avenue corridor.  The Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association (LA21), a business association whose mission is to provide economic growth and opportunity to small businesses on Lancaster Avenue, had announced the creation of a new plan to help businesses along the corridor from 34th to 52nd [...]

Reviewing Your Business Performance

As the New Year is upon us, it is time for all business owners to take stock of the health of their respective companies. Let’s look at the historical performance of the business as a gateway to predict future performance of the business. According to the “Business Ferret” (a monthly financial analysis for Business Owners), [...]

Viewing Small Business with a Fresh Set of Eyes

By Jabari Jones From cafes and coffee shops, fine dining to fine jewelry, from vintage clothing to vintage records, one place has an extremely diverse array of businesses.  It’s not a mall in Bala Cynwyd or in famed King of Prussia, its right here in West Philadelphia. I have had the pleasure of going into [...]

The Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association

The Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association (LA21) is dedicated to partnering with stakeholders of the Lancaster corridor from 34th Street to 44th Street to promote economic development and support new business ventures in the area.  As an advocate for local development, LA 21 serves its members through outstanding programs, benefits and services.  You will gain access [...]

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