James Burnett
James BurnettExecutive Director
Jim Burnett has been with WPFSI since May of 2000 where he originally started as the Loan Program Officer. His determination and passion for community building soon led him to the position of Executive Director the following year, where he has served ever since.
Calvini R. Tucker
Calvini R. TuckerLoan Officer
Calvin Tucker is a results-oriented financial management and economic development consultant with 20+ years of experience in commercial & mortgage banking, business development, credit analysis, asset disposition, contracting and much more. His knowledge and skills provide a unique value to WPFSI’s lending staff.
Samantha R. Lyons, Esq.
Samantha R. Lyons, Esq.Director WesGold Fellows
Samantha R. Lyons, Esq. Director WesGold Fellows. As the director of WesGold Fellows, Samantha works to grow and scale the program, providing more opportunities for students throughout Philadelphia.
Jabari Jones
Jabari JonesBus. Dev. Specialist
Drexel graduate Jabari Jones started with WPFSI in 2013 when he completed a comprehensive survey of 500+ businesses in West Philadelphia. Jabari provides technical assistance/consulting to small businesses. Jabari is also the President of the West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative.