WPFSI Business Loans

If YOU need Capital to Expand or Start YOUR Business? WPFSI is Your Lender.

Which type of financing do you need, and where to start?

WPFSI provides small business loans for: Working Capital, Purchasing Real Estate, Renovation or Construction on an Existing Building, Purchasing Inventory, Taking Advantage of Business Opportunities, and Purchasing Equipment or Furniture. The best place to start is here, PreQualify for Small Business Loan.

Bank vs. CDFI

Small business owners have come to realize how difficult it is to get approved for a bank loan or line of credit.

Small business bank loans have much more strict approval criteria than other forms of business financing. Expect to be able to show good revenue, great personal/business credit scores, significant time in business, assets to secure the loan amount (in some cases), and the most important part is convincing the banker they can trust you with their money.

Fortunately, WPFSI, an SBA/CDFI lender is your alternative small business loan source.

Business Loans To Meet Your Business Needs

Fixed-rate financing for major purchases with a secured vehicle or equipment loan, or an unsecured business loan. Call 215-452-0100 to learn more.

Expedited Loan Program

WPFSI’s Expeditated Loan Program provides financing from $1,000 to $20,000 to eligible small businesses. 

Program Details

  • Loan requests are processed faster
  • Loan closing within 30 days of completed application
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Direct Loan Program

Direct Loan Program provides loans from $1000 ‐ $100,000 to eligible small businesses. 

Program Details

  • Working Capital
  • Business Acquisition
  • Construction Loans
  • Business Expansion
  • Machinery/Equipment
  • Real Estate Development
  • Inventory
  • Bridge Loans
  • Site Improvement
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100 Plus Loan Program

Provides loans $100,000 and up by securing your loan terms by searching the marketplace for the right deal that fits your needs.

Program Details

  • We find you the best choices
  • You save time
  • Access to multiple financing options
  • Efficient loan search
  • Loan tailored to your needs
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All loans subject to credit approval. Fees may apply.