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WPFSI Vision

Our vision is to create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.

Family Owned Business

Our expert guest, Phoebe Coles, CEO and Founding Partner of a family-owned marketing company discusses funding options, best practices and more.

National Black MBA Association® and Managing a Business Disruption

There's Money Out There September 2017 The September 16th broadcast of There's Money Out There, heard on WURD 900 AM, will feature guest Sharana​ ​Worsley​ ​- President, NBMBAA – Philadelphia Chapter and Michael​ ​M.​ ​Jones​- VP, Property & Casualty, PK Financial Group. Sharana Worsley will talk about the upcoming National Black MBA Association® and Prospanica® [...]

Does Your Business Have a Disaster Plan?

The devastating losses (human life and property damage) as a result of hurricanes Harvey and Irma in recent weeks is the focus of Septembers There's Money Out There broadcast. Although we empathize with the victims of these catastrophic natural disasters, all too often we forget the same can happen to us and have a monumental impact [...]

New American Entrepreneurs

Two immigrant business owners, they reveal their experience at starting a business.

Scotch Porter Case Study

Calvin Quallis, Founder, and CEO of Scotch Porter What started off as a hobby creating products in his home kitchen, has transformed into an international multimillion-dollar empire. Before the launch of SCOTCH PORTER, Calvin was the co-owner of a barbershop in Northern, New Jersey. Throughout the years, Calvin noticed that many of his customers experienced [...]

Making the Move from Corporate to Entrepreneur

The Leap From Corporate to Entrepreneurship There are those people who choose to leave a very secure corporate job to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Even though your job may expose you to a great company with a team of dedicated and talented people, something is missing. Corporate is not enough for you, and you realize [...]

Celebrating Women’s History Month

On Saturday’s There’s Money Out There the show will honor Women’s History Month with a focus on women entrepreneurs.  Learn more about Women's History Month here. Women now represent the fastest growing demographic for startup businesses in the U.S. And, Black women are the most likely demographic group in America to start their own businesses. Between 1997 [...]

There’s Money Out There Guest Delores Pressley

How to become bold, confident and overcome obstacles!  Delores Pressley Self-Improvement Home-Based Businesses – Visit the Home Business Mag EXPO As a former plus-size model, Delores Pressley knows all too well the pain and disappointment of rejection and judgments based solely on appearance, both professionally and personally. She has lived it time and time again. But, [...]

Philly’s 32nd Minority Enterprise Development Week

“There’s Money Out There – $10K Loans on the Spot” October 3, 2016 marks the return of the 32nd Philadelphia Minority Enterprise Development (MED) week which  celebrates minority enterprises in the region. This year’s MED Week theme is Philadelphia the Center of Opportunity: Building Capacity for Prosperity, which will include more than 40 events, including educational workshops, [...]

Banking Black and Community Development

Will Bank Black Movement Make Real Change in Black Communities? And, what can individual community members do to ensure the empowerment of black financial institutions?

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