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WPFSI Vision

Our vision is to create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.

Why Banks Don’t Lend To Small Businesses

Strange right, especially since small businesses are the engines that are responsible for economic growth?

Banking Black and Community Development

Will Bank Black Movement Make Real Change in Black Communities? And, what can individual community members do to ensure the empowerment of black financial institutions?

Leveraging Relationships In Business

Entrepreneur Case Study How To Leverage Relationships In Business How important are building and leveraging relationships in business? According to StreetSmart Business Development, "Opportunities to create enduring client relationships present themselves on a daily basis in the form of "basic" communications. Things like emails, meetings, presentations, proposals and follow up. These basic initiatives can build [...]

Can a Small Business Benefit from an Asset-Based Loan?

What is an Asset-Based Loan? Typically, asset-based loans are based on the value of a business’ assets, specifically, accounts receivable and inventory. If for example, a business is highly leveraged or undercapitalized, an asset-based loan may provide a viable source of operating capital. This type of financing is based on the liquidation value of the [...]

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