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WPFSI Vision

Our vision is to create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.

What is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution)

There are several kinds of institutions that can be considered as CDFI's. These can include banks, credit unions, non-profit loan funds and venture capital funds. WPFSI, as a CDFI falls under the category of non-profit loan funds. The goal of CDFI's is to broaden economic opportunity among low-income and minority communities by providing access to [...]

Gemileo Investments, LLC Receives Funding

Gemileo Investments, LLC - Minuteman Press Franchise WPFSI successfully provided financing in the amount of $100,000 to Gemileo Investments, LLC, a recently formed small business enterprise to acquire the franchise rights to the Minuteman Press franchise (MMP Bala) located in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Gemileo is owned by Jude and Edith Arijaje, who also own Virgo Investments, LLC which [...]

Loan Activity

This has been a great year for WPFSI and lending to businesses in our neighborhoods.  To date, we have provided 204 Technical Assistance hours and serviced 169 clients.  As of December 15th, we have approved 5 loans for the amount of $362,675.00.   There is so much more on the horizon and are proud to [...]

WPFSI Closes Another Loan

Vital Step Therapy & Fitness PC obtained a $37,675 Credit Facility financing for Leasehold Improvements & Working Capital.  

Another Loan Closed

We are excited to announce more work being done in the community by closing this loan.  Read on for a testimonial from the President & CEO! Village Family Services, Inc. is a 20 year old community based nonprofit located in the heart of West Philadelphia.  We were anticipating a serious crisis due to the state [...]

Another loan closed

Your Neighborhood's Business Lender – SUPRA

Calvin R. Tucker, Capital Manager, WPFSI, James Burnett, Executive Director, WPFSI, Reggie Long, Esquire, Love and Long Law Firm and the Executive Team of SUPRA OFFICE SOLUTIONS, INC met to close a $100,000 loan from WPFSI to SUPRA.

WPFSI receives check from Customers Bank

Calvin R. Tucker, Capital Manager, WPFSI & Fred Alston, Vice Chairman, WPFSI accepting a $500,000.00 check from Joe Schupp, SVP, Customers Bank for the capitalization of the WPFSI Progressive Small Business Loan Fund. Calvin R. Tucker, Capital Manager, WPFSI, Jabari Jones, Drexel Student & WPFSI Intern & Fred Alston, Vice Chairman, WPFSI accepting a $5,000.00 [...]

Your Neighborhood's Business Lender

We are proud to announce....

Can a Small Business Benefit from an Asset-Based Loan?

What is an Asset-Based Loan? Typically, asset-based loans are based on the value of a business’ assets, specifically, accounts receivable and inventory. If for example, a business is highly leveraged or undercapitalized, an asset-based loan may provide a viable source of operating capital. This type of financing is based on the liquidation value of the [...]

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