This has been a great year for WPFSI and lending to businesses in our neighborhoods.  To date, we have provided 204 Technical Assistance hours and serviced 169 clients.  As of December 15th, we have approved 5 loans for the amount of $362,675.00.  

There is so much more on the horizon and are proud to say we are part of the economic engine we set out to be to empower businesses and residents through community development.

If you are looking to expand your business or open a second location or need to finance a project?  WPFSI can help make it happen.  There is no business too large or too small, give us a call at 215-452-0100.

Calvin Tucker

Calvin Tucker is the loan officer for WPFSI. His diverse experience ranges from small & large businesses, commercial & mortgage banking, business development, credit analysis, management, origination, servicing [domestic/ international], and more.