Did you tune in on Saturday, November 21st to hear Part 1 of our Show Me the Money Series?  If not, below are the first five tips that we provided on how to get the capital you need in 2016.

1. Don’t under report income: Update statements to show revenue growth – Paying taxes means your making money and that’s a good thing!

2. Manage your taxes throughout the year – Paying Quarterly

3. Know your current cash position

4. Establish a relationship with a bookkeeper

5. Set specific business goals for 2016

Part 2 aired on Saturday, December 19th with these remaining tips!

6. Identify assets to pledge against loan

7. Know your credit score

8. Clear idea for how you generate revenue

9. Develop a plan for paying back your loan

10. Plan for sales and expenses

Part 3 aired on Saturday, January 16th with tips on Growing your Business!

1. Determine where you want to go

2. Customer retention/Upsell Strategy

3. Operational productivity and efficiency

Calvin Tucker

Calvin Tucker is the loan officer for WPFSI. His diverse experience ranges from small & large businesses, commercial & mortgage banking, business development, credit analysis, management, origination, servicing [domestic/ international], and more.