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WPFSI invited stakeholders, residents of the Hestonville neighborhood and business owners to participate in a community meeting regarding the creation of an “Urban Pop-Up” at the intersection of 55th Street and Lancaster Avenue.  Our goals included familiarizing the participants with the site, introducing them to the concept of Urban Pop-Us and listening to their ideas about the project and how it could be developed.  The event was held on a Tuesday evening in the middle of a very bad wintery mix.  In spite of that 17 individuals braved the elements to participate in the meeting.

In addition to residents from Hestonville, the meeting was attended by Al Spivey, Jr. Chief of Staff of Fourth District Councilman Curtis Jones and Brian Weinrich, West Philadelphia Planner of City Planning.  Nancy Goldenberg of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society  was unable to attend, however she did provide a description of what a pop-up is, the costs and benefits, which was distributed to the participants.

We will conduct further analysis of the charrette information.  That analysis will be complete prior to the 2nd community meeting and distributed to the participants and additional stakeholders.  Stayed tuned for more details to come!

Shonte Eley