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WPFSI Vision

Our vision is to create urban communities that are vibrant, diverse and flourishing environments where wealth and economic opportunity is accessible.

WPFSI receives check from Customers Bank

Calvin R. Tucker, Capital Manager, WPFSI & Fred Alston, Vice Chairman, WPFSI accepting a $500,000.00 check from Joe Schupp, SVP, Customers Bank for the capitalization of the WPFSI Progressive Small Business Loan Fund. Calvin R. Tucker, Capital Manager, WPFSI, Jabari Jones, Drexel Student & WPFSI Intern & Fred Alston, Vice Chairman, WPFSI accepting a $5,000.00 [...]

The Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association

The Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association (LA21) is dedicated to partnering with stakeholders of the Lancaster corridor from 34th Street to 44th Street to promote economic development and support new business ventures in the area.  As an advocate for local development, LA 21 serves its members through outstanding programs, benefits and services.  You will gain access [...]

Meet our 2014 WesGold Fellows

The WesGold Fellows program is approaching the start date quicker than we could have imagined and we are very excited to meet the students! Our first event together, the WesGold Fellows scavenger hunt, was a success on Saturday, June 7th. This is the first time we are having this event and hope to continue it [...]

The Festival at ParkWest Town Center

We are very excited for the 7th Annual Festival @ ParkWest Town Center taking place on June 7th, 2014. Please click through the following links to follow ParkWest on Facebook and Twitter. On those social media platforms, you will be able to stay up to date on the conversation covering all things ParkWest. Hope to [...]

Capacity Building Leadership Training

WPFSI is exploring ways to engage the six (6) communities in our target area, in order to help crate sustainable communities.  The communities include Carroll Park, Cathedral Park, Parkside, East Parkside, Mill Creek and Lower Overbrook.  WPFSI plans to do this by building the capacity of the neighborhood leaders through training and mentoring.  This is [...]

New Housing Development and Commercial Corridor Improvements in West Parkside

The nonprofit affordable housing developer Community Ventures is working with the registered community organization (RCO) Parkside Association of Philadelphia to create new senior and affordable housing and park space along the beleaguered 52nd Street corridor between Lancaster and Parkside Avenues in the West Parkside and Cathedral Park communities. The Parkside Association and Community Ventures are proposing a 32-unit senior [...]

Roundtable Discussion Series II: "Philly, Your Voices, Our City"

On February 01, 2014, we held our pilot Roundtable discussion with Philadelphia millenials. In attendance was a diverse group of Philadelphia residents who provided insight on their view of this city. The public school system, crime and safety, housing options, transportation, and entertainment were some of the topics that were addressed. In conclusion, the group [...]

PCA Emergency Fund Coalition For Older Philadelphians

The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging has an Emergency Fund program that was established in 1981 to provide crisis assistance to low income elderly Philadelphia residents who have exhausted all other resources. Gertrude Weaver, Grant Writer at WPFSI, was contacted on January 21st by a senior in the neighborhood that was in need of oil.  She [...]

Roundtable Discussion Series

This year West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution along with Progressive Change CDC have introduced a new and exciting initiative: Roundtable Discussion; Philly, Your Voice, Our City. This is a discussion with twenty-somethings about how to grow Philadelphia. We will be addressing important  issues such as amenities and services in the city as well as specific [...]

Meet Sarah L. Stirzel Cuzzolina- BAWP Executive Director

The Business Association of West Parkside (BAWP) was established in 1987 and has had the tenacity to survive as a volunteer organization for 26 years.  In July, I had the great pleasure to be hired as the Executive Director of BAWP. Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself? A: I am originally from [...]

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