“The ParkWest Town Center Community Scholarship commemorates the hard work and determination of the greater Parkside neighborhood which led to the transformation of a blighted railyard at 52nd & Jefferson Streets into the vibrant hub of goods and services that is ParkWest Town Center today.

Each June, West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution and The Goldenberg Group award two local graduating seniors, who show promise as the generation of community leaders. This year three students will receive, $3,000 for continuing education so that the legacy of community empowerment at the heart of ParkWest Town Center lives on.”

ParkWest Community Scholarship

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This scholarship was created to honor and support young people who demonstrate commitment to their community as they further their education beyond high school. Each year, through the PWTC Community Scholarships, we commemorate the incredible story of how ParkWest Town Center beat the odds and became what it is today.

Parkwest Town CenterOnce the site of industrial waste and decay, ParkWest Town Center now stands as one of the strongest economic drivers in West Philadelphia. Bringing this project to fruition, however, took over a decade of advocacy and hard work by local residents, the partnership of West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution and The Goldenberg Group, elected officials and many others.

Despite countless challenges, it was the determination to raise the quality of life in this community that turned 52nd and Jefferson Streets from a blighted rail yard in a food desert into a vibrant hub where fresh food, fitness, financial services and more are now available to all.

ParkWest Town Center is what it is today because of the collective work of individuals committed to a common cause. Advocacy, community organizing, and unwavering leadership led the way for transformation. This scholarship is intended for the next generation of community leaders – those who will stand up and fight for the causes they believe in and create true change in the world around them.