After purchasing the First Born Church of God in Christ 9 years ago, to build ParkWest Town Center, we completed and turned over their brand new church to Pastor Kenneth Walker Sr.  The church had been located in a small, temporary storefront space on the 5400 block of Market Street.  The Pastor and his congregation were extremely patient while we identified space and worked to build them a new church home.  Now located at 5100 Merion Avenue,  the church has experienced growth in it’s 6500 sq. ft space.  It houses a community resource room, and a corporate sponsor has committed to the vision of Pastor Walker to donate computers to the church for a new Pre-K to 5 years early childcare education center.  In addition to Pastoral counseling,  community outreach missions has included the annual Christmas and Thanksgiving food baskets, toys for neighborhood children and Summer Vacation Bible School. 

We were excited to be joined by Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and Representative Vanessa Lowery-Brown at the ribbon cutting, along with the community and congregation.    After the ceremony, everyone marched over to the ParkWest Town Center where Pastor Walker’s choir performed and he was awarded with our Renaissance award.  Pastor Walker is pleased that their community outreach has continued to touch the lives of families and the community at large. He looks forward to extending the church’s ministry in the 4th Council District.  See great photos from the ceremony here!

ribbon cutting

Shonte Eley