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How Does Abandoned Cart Text Messaging Help?

Cart abandonment emails work by reminding shoppers of their abandoned carts’ contents and encouraging them to return to checkout and complete a purchase. It’s a great strategy, and the same principle may work with SMS messages instead of emails. Users that have recently quit the platform without making a transaction can be encouraged to return […]

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Use this AI technique to optimize INCOME STATEMENT | Financial analysis

I want to show you how you can use this freely available AI tool to optimize your company’s finances. It does not have to be a big publicly traded company, it could be a small restaurant, a café, or your stock portfolio. Basically, using this AI tool, called as SOLVER, you can know the best possible way to optimize your company’s growth. You basically tell this tool your situation and your constraints or restriction, and SOLVER will give you the best possible outcome for that situation. The trick is to know how to setup your worksheet to be able to use this tool. And, I’ll show you exactly how, if you stick with me until the end of this video. And if you want more advice You can go to the site at You'll get more information on this. This is a classic Excel Add-in. it's been in Excel for many number of years, but this website gives you a lot of detail on how to make this work most efficiently. I think you can see from this small example. This is a sophisticated tool that allows us to do a considerable amount of financial analysis. Solver website:

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New Jersey delays return of indoor dining at restaurants

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday the state will hit pause on allowing indoor dining.He said the combination of spikes in cases in other states and “the instances of knucklehead behavior” at some Garden State establishments drove the decision.“We have all seen the scenes: overcrowding, a complete disregard for social distancing, very few — if any — face coverings,” Murphy said.He added the “carelessness” of one business can undo the “good work” of many others.Read…

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7 Backlinks That Have Negative Impact On Your SEO

Getting backlinks is an integral part of SEO, and getting more backlinks is known as link building. Like many other aspects of SEO, however, link building is not as easy as you might think! Some backlinks are good, and others are bad. Too many bad backlinks can have a negative impact on your ranking. Bad […]

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ADP vs Paychex: Which Should You Choose in 2020?

When it comes to payroll, most business owners have heard about ADP and Paychex; they’re both established payroll processing companies that offer comprehensive payroll and HR services. ADP has flexible plan options that support growing companies and especially shines with businesses in multiple states and those with more than 1,000 employees. Paychex provides a dedicated...

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10X Business Bootcamp: Learn How to Build a Pandemic-Proof Business

Grant Cardone’s 10X Business Bootcamp was created to help businesses increase sales and scale, no matter the state of the economy. In wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, this year’s 10X Business...

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