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Does anyone have experience exporting agri products from Latin America to the US?

I’ve been in Latin America for a while with an indigenous/ Quechuan fiancé and we would like to have a small business together. Her idea was to export some of the agricultural products from her family’s land but I don’t know how one would go about this or find buyers etc. If anyone has knowledge about how to get started we would really appreciate it.

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Why data-driven marketing is essential for your business

Businesses have evolved over the years, and so has marketing. It’s no longer about launching random marketing campaigns and getting numbers: you need data-driven marketing to employ the most effective tactics.  Data-driven marketing looks past cost per action (CPA) and conversion rates. Fortunately, there are tons of tools and data that a business can use […]

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Site Selection Co. & Private Equity Firm Team to Help Companies…

Spectrum Location Solutions now offers options for companies seeking to move to business-friendly states and have relocation costs underwritten by investors.

(PRWeb June 30, 2020)

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Should I accept a disaster loan?

I applied for an E I D L a few months ago. In the meantime, I got awarded the P P P and kind of forgot about the disaster loan. However, they finally sent me an application update and I can request up to $40,000. It looks like the first year would be payment free. Knowing that the economy will most likely not recover any time soon, would it be wise to me to accept this loan and then just repay before 1 year it if things go back to normal?

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Inovio's experimental Covid-19 vaccine moving to Warp Speed after positive study results

Inovio announced positive results from early-stage testing of its experimental Covid-19 vaccine Tuesday and said it has been selected to participate in the federal government's "Operation Warp Speed" program that is seeking to have a vaccine available by year's end.The Plymouth Meeting biotechnology company said 94% of the phase-I trial participants demonstrated overall immune responses at Week 6 after two doses of vaccine candidate INO-4800, according to a preliminary analysis of the study data.…

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Fruit and veg shop

Does anyone have any experience owning a fruit and veg shop? Any advice to share? I have recently been thinking about quitting my job in retail and either buying an established business or trying to look for a high traffic area where I can open a produce shop. Husband would still be working full time. After seeing the effects of covid on businesses I figure fruit and veg will always be in demand. Despite years of experience in retail I really don't know where to start. Is it better to buy an established business? What do I need to know apart from the basic business stuff?

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Why your local cab service is better than Uber

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s safe to say you’ll have heard of the rideshare company Uber. Along with other similarly structured companies such as Lyft, Uber have been taking city centres by storm.  Despite several attempts to shut them down due to issues regarding passenger safety, Uber and the likes the Lyft […]

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