Progressive Change Community Development Corporation

Progressive Change Community Development Corporation is being designed to connect capacities and fill in the gaps in our West Philadelphia neighborhoods. Our focus is to enrich the community by acting as a resource by promoting healthy living environments. Some of these programs will include the greening and beautification of our neighborhoods, financial literacy workshops, job skills training, and leadership and management workshops, and more. Our hope is that Progressive Change CDC can foster a productive environment for collaboration where communities that work and build together also achieve together.

Additional Information

Community development corporations (CDCs) struggle to address problems of social, economic, and physical distress in low and moderate-income communities throughout the United States. Their fundamental mission is to build community leadership and empower low-income people to take charge of their future. Despite great adversity, the field of community development has matured and grown tremendously over the years. To learn more, view the Building Hope: The CDC Oral History Project video.